Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And finally...

We're not that different after all.

Wayne Odom:

Tage Sundström (Kristina's dad):

Kristina's birthday

We decided to take advantage of the nice day and try to get a kite up in the air. After several attempts:

we got it up in the air:

Motorcycle momma!

Big Wayne offered our favorite, friendly Finn a ride on his motorcycle; her first.

Safety first!

All ready to go.


they're off!

Two Selma traditions

Kristina asking William Rufus DeVane King what he had for breakfast. Once again his favorite, "nothing", was on the menu:

Kristina at Sturdivant Hall (which, coincidently, the Sturdivants never lived in):

Food, glorious food!!!

One of the major tourist attractions of the South is the food. Kristina started her visit with REAL fried chicken at the Downtowner:

She returned the favor of this cultural exchange by making bröd:



Selma Tours, Inc.

Our first full day in Selma, we toured the town and stopped in on the Episcopal downtown:

Miracle at the wedding feast window

Some crazy foreign tourist

Birmingham blizzard '09

This is what awaited us as we escaped the great white North for the warm, warm South.

For Aunt Leah

Nestle factory on the way to Alabama

At the bequest of my cousin's badgering

This is (I think) the last big snowfall of the year: