Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Tonight we had a "plättkalas" (sort of a "crepe" party). Here is the master chef and the supervisor:

Aubri and Sylvia in line for plättas:

Phil and Aubri talking to Carina, Kristina's sister:

Wayne's new best friend, Esther:

Weslie, Jonathan and Travis:

Boys with toys.

Lukas had his own excavator...

Phil and Wayne talking shop:

Wayne receiving instructions:

Phil lining it up...

Wayne checking out his options with Tage, the expert:

Odoms arrive in Finland (finally)

Well, they had a wild, strange trip, but they finally arrived. There they are way in the back realizing that they have gotten off at the correct stop.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reception hall

Last night, Kristina and I finished as much of the preparation at the reception hall as we could.

Coffee cups with Marimekko napkins in the "ears."


Our seat at the main table with nice candlesticks lent from Sara.

Here is the nearly finished setup. There will be little tea candles on the tables and birch branches, and probably something else I've forgotten about or am not aware of.

Here is one of the settings:


Here is proof that kids all over the world are the same:

Yogurt by Esther

Fresh whipped cream by Hannes

Smoked fish

The other night we had smoked white fish like Kristina's grandfather used to make. It was really amazing:


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fiskets natt

Last night we all went to the all night fishing fest in Kållby. It was pretty fun, except for the mosquitos, which, according to Dani, "destroy summer."

En häst att rida

Yesterday, Kristina and I took two of her nephews, Aron and Ivar, for a ride on Sofie's horse, Bear Dancer:

Aron was up first.

Then Ivar...

Kristina took a shot.

Then the Lone Range himself. Hi-o Silver, away!

I was not thrilled with the mosquitos...

June 19th Preparations

Yesterday, the first stage of preparations for the 19th began. Kristina and I went to the hairdresser to get a cut and try out the do for next Saturday.

Lots of curls. You can't have a look at the final product until next week, but rest assured that it was beautiful.

I didn't really have much to do though...