Sunday, June 7, 2009

Inside Notre Dame cathedral

Mary is on FIRE to pray for your needs!

Beautiful ceiling:


First Odom-Sundström purchase.

While driving around South Bend, we spotted a yard sale with a lot of glassware, so we decided to stop. We picked up (for our future home) these eight glasses. Don't freak out Phil. $6:

South Bend

Yesterday, Kristina and I went to South Bend, IN, home of the Fightin' Irish of Notre Dame.

Coffee break at Chicory Cafe complete with bignets:

Cathedral at Notre Dame:

Barnes and Noble-esq bookstore on campus:

The Eck center on campus. Named after Johann Eck ?

Aubri, I think we finally have a band name!

Food, Glorious FOOD!

Last week I cooked my mom's (modified) Curry Dill Chicken. It was delicious.