Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lazy Daze of Summer (yeah, right)

During class today, my giant of a professor (the illustrious Dr. John Nordling) decided to challenge two unwitting students to race him in declining a phrase:

He, of course, won:

This is where I hunker down in the afternoon to study vocabulary:

Not too bad, huh:

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Campus, round II:

Exterior of my dorm building (on the right):

Inside Kramer Chapel:
side of Walther Library:

Martin Luther Hall:

And, bizarrely, two of the five or so buzzards that perch on the side of the library:

I call these two Statler and Waldorf

Room complete.

This is my little corner where a lot of flash card quizzing gets done:

When I am doing homework (or posting to the blog), I usually do it at the desk:

The photo doesn't quite do justice to how bright and broad this rainbow was. Just out my window:

The benefits of the food co-op.
Fresh pears:

and strawberries:

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You tell me. Here is a snapshot of my flashcard system. Each piece of blue painter's tape has a chapter number corresponding to the cards above it. This way, I can quickly grab the cards (which are bulldog clipped per chapter) and recite them in a systematic way.

This is a shot of poor Shikamiru. I like to toss him in the air and see if I can spout of the endings of a certain verb form I'm trying to learn (w, eis, ei, oman, ete, ousin, omai, n, etai, ometha, estha, ontai)

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fort Wayne campus

Here are some pictures so you all can get an idea of what the place looks like. Everything on campus was designed by famed Finnish architect/designer Eero Saarinen, who also designed the St. Louis arch and the terminal at JFK Int'l Airport.

Kramer Chapel, steeple, and waterfall:

Just in front of the chapel is a very pleasant pond:

Courtyard, bell tower, fountains:

Part of my room with nice floating shelves:

View out my window:

Parent's visit cont.

At Phil's suggestion, on Saturday we went to the Dusenburg, Cord, Auburn museum in Auburn, IN. I really had a blast because my dad seemed to have such a great time.

These cars were amazingly detailed and beautifully built:

Great Gatsby car:

Look how LONG that car is! They are probably only 15 ft. from it!

Graham, I thought this would be a great motto for "Donkey's":

One of Frank Lloyd Wright's cars (also, my favorite):

Fader and Muder visit Ft. Wayne

Last Friday, my dad and mom made the long trek up to Fort Wayne to bring some books and other necessities and generally to see the town and campus.

Our first stop was "GermanFest" which was a little underwhelming:

The most interesting site to see was the recreated Fort Wayne and accompanying "natives":

19th century coffee:

Wares for sale:

A fairly rude lady spinning wool (this is for Aubri):

Phil Hale, Brewmiester

I had been looking forward to brewing beer since I decided to stop by Bancroft on the way to seminary. Although it was pretty labor intensive, I truly loved the process. I don't think I'll be doing it on my own though.

First, you let Phil do all the complicated calculations and measurements:

Then you set out all the equipment you'll need:

Next, you let someone with HUGE shoulder muscles (me) mill the barley:

After that, you'll want to disinfect the "carboy" (whatever that is):


We brewed a Munich-style Helles with the deconcoction method. Started around 6 and finished around midnight. This brew should be ready for consumption sometime in the next century (or whatever the ridiculously long time-frame was Phil told me).

Bancroft, Where Livin' Is Easy

On the way to Fort Wayne, I stopped by the Hale's in Bancroft. My car was packed to the gills. Ridin' pretty low:

View from inside the madness (passenger's seat looking out back window):

Aubri and I went shopping on day for what can only be described as "Log-O-Beef"*:

*hand in place for proportion

Ahhh...the easy life:


Hearing Beethoven's amazing 9th symphony at the newish Long Center in Austin will probably be my last "big city cultural hurrah" for some time. It was pitch perfect.

View from the balcony:

Slightly closer:
Harris, Jud Harris:

Jud trying to look happy whilst thinking of Judtinis:

Said Judtini:

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Lots coming today. Keep checking.