Monday, January 18, 2010

Last day in Göteborg, Sweden.

Kristina and I made a delicious, celebration breakfast after Alabama's trouncing of Texas:

Then we did a bit more walking around Göteborg:

Later that night (or maybe this was Thursday night?), Kristina took me to a great market with everything the heart desires, namely, cheeses, dried meat, and chocolate:

Churches in Göteborg

In our walking around, we popped into a few churches. This one had a brilliant alterpiece:

Here is a close-up of the cross of Christ crushing the head of the serpent and death:

This is the outside of the church Bo Giertz used to preach in:


I must admit I don't remember this last church too much. This was the day that the flu bug caught up with me. Very soon after touring this church, we rushed back to the apartment so I could sleep and vomit for several hours...YAY!

Göteborg, I

Tuesday, Kristina took me on a little tour of Göteborg. Here is the main city square:

Fancy building:

Gustavus Adolphus II (?), founder fo Göteborg:
What a cute tour guide!

A few more views of the church in Jakobstad

One of the last nights in Finland, we attended a concert at the church in Jakobstad where we'll be on the 19th of June:



Organ and hymnboard:

Last few days in Finland

The last couple of days in Finland were pretty clear and bright, which was a pleasant change:

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yes, Kristina and I are getting up at 2:15 AM to watch the championship game live on! ROLL TIDE!


As a response left by my dear mutha to the previous post, here are the plates:

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wedding China

Kristina and I have picked out a "wedding china" of sorts that we both really like!

It's by Finnish company Iittala.

Take a look at Origo, designed by Alfredo Häberli, in the orange pattern. We think we'll just start collecting the dinner plates, the salad plates, the larger soup bowls, and one big serving bowl. Since the inner rim of the pattern is white, it will be easy to fill in pieces with less-expensive white ones.

Here's a preview:

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Finnish National Dish! (WARNING - Explicit Picture Below)

It took several men working non-stop for 10 min, but I finally have a photo of the national dish of Finland!* On boys night, we stopped during snowmobiling for a pizza. Nearly everyone ordered the Gloskär's special, so I did too. They tried to explain what was on it, but I didn't care...I wanted to bit a true Finn. The pizzas arrived (everyone had their own), and it was topped with what can only be described as a Willy Wonkaesq selection of toppings:

-Kebab (Gyro) meat
-Bearnaise sauce (yes, Bearnaise sauce...the pizza was yellow)

I still have not gotten over the oddity of toppings. This is something I would come up with living in an apartment by myself with whatever ingredients I had lying around. I have to admit, however, it was very tasty! I nearly finished it. The crust was good too.

*No, this is not the national dish of Finland. I imagine, though, that this is what Uncle Tom was thinking of when he thought he wouldn't be able to find anything to eat over here.