Friday, November 13, 2009

Horseback riding!

After days and days of searching for a place to ride horses in America, we finally found a nice route in the Smokey Mountains:

My trusty horse Rodo. He was calm.

Kristina and Paul taking a break.

The scenery was great, although the ride wasn't fast enough for most!

The Finland Crew.

Nice forest view...


While we were in Tennessee, we played a game of putt-putt that was built into the side of a mountain.

Someone won...I won't say who, but he was born in Alabama...and his name starts with a "W"...two strokes.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shooting II

Danni is getting some tips...

...then takes aim.

Paul tries the handgun.

He seems to like the bigger gun better.

Shooting at the Stone's

While the Sundströms were in the US, we decided to visit the countryside...

...and partake in the great American tradition of shooting guns!

Sara decided to watch from the sidelines...

while the guys took turns.

Hannes was more interested in the cows and other kids.

Sundström summer visit.

Yes, I know these are, well, late. Better late than never!

Kristina's nephew Hannes is not impressed with quality of work being done to prep for the new library.

Neither were the other Sundström men. Here they are checking out the machinery selection. "We don't use these anymore in Finland" was the response I hear.

The whole clan on campus feeling somewhat at home in our "little Scandinavian village".